Luxe Lash Box Subscription

The Makeup Institute Los Angeles

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Luxe Lash Box Subscription

Luxe Lash Box Subscription


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Eileen .
United States United States

Looks like this month we are only getting lashes. I thought it was 3 lashes and one item of Hank n Henry. That's the thing that sold me was getting one thing from Hank n Henry. If that the case I think I'm going to cancel this subscription. I was so happy with it too. False advertising.

Janelle .
United States United States
Great if it didn’t repeat

I’ve been pretty disappointed with all the repeat lashes. Seems I always get Flamenco, Saint and Lolita every month along with an H&H neon I’ve already purchased when they came out. I’m hoping this month changes my mind because I really want to love this subscription.

Marisela C.
United States United States

In the being was very happy but for last month and this month I got two of the some and one different for each month They told me that I will receive two of the some ones and one different so I don’t understand why they always going to repeat the lashes will I don’t need the someone’s every month I guess I am going back my old subscriber of lashes I never received the someone’s very disappointed because hank said we would receive different lashes every time

United States United States
One of the best subscriptions EVER!!!

ok so let's see here $18 for one pair of lashes or $23 for $3 and 1 hank and Henry makeup item? Its just common sense. I have had this subscription for 2 months now and i Love love all the lashes and lipstick I have got so far. Also its hard to tell what lashes you like by a pic so this way you get to try so many different kinds!! Get this is soooooooo worth it!!!!

United States United States
My experience on my purchases

I LOVE THEM I’ve recommended a lot of my friends to buy Hank and Henry Makeup and I’m sure they too have submitted their positive reviews on what they have purchased going back to me thou I in love with everything I’ve purchased and I’m satisfied with my experience with my Makeup and eyelashes I want more Can’t wait also every time I call to the warehouse for info on my packages Henry’s Customer Service is so polite and friendly thank you everyone God bless you and keep up the great work