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Moneyed | 3pc Eyeshadow/Shimmer Set By @Hank&Henry

Hank & Henry

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Moneyed | 3pc Eyeshadow/Shimmer Set By @Hank&Henry
Moneyed | 3pc Eyeshadow/Shimmer Set By @Hank&Henry
Introducing our NEW & EVOLVED Alter Ego eye kits.

“This has to be THE most important collection we are going to launch thus far for #hankandhenrybeauty bc what it means to me @hankandhenry_. November 20th will mark our 4 year anniversary where we launched the brand with 3 eyeshadow kits called #MyAlterEgo eye kits. I wanted to make something that was different, served a purpose, and looked beautiful. It was big risk but we sold out bc of that risk. So to be able to take my baby and make her better, fix all the kinks, make her look even more opulent, make it more affordable, and give you new colors… it made me feel like I’m doing a good job, and sometimes Im a lil too hard on my self in an industry that gives you little room to fail. We are doing this old school H&H where we go live together, take a shot together, and launch it TOGETHER!!! WE HAVE A WHOLE BUNCH OF SURPRISES TOO😈. Thank you for helping me get to this point. I love you my night owls. I know you’re going to love the new  #MyAlterEgo eye kits!” ~Henry

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