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Reward Points FAQ

If I already previously subscribed on the website do I have to create an account for the reward point?

We ask you create an account for our reward points with the login information you used to subscribe to sync your information.

Can reward points and promo codes be combined? 

Points redeemed cannot be combined with promo codes. You're only able to add one code during checkout.

Can we use reward points on Hank & Henry Beauty or any other site?

No you cannot, our product on The MI Shop are separate from our Hank & Henry Beauty product.

If I mistakenly redeem points can they be returned to my account?

Once points are redeemed and given a code, we cannot return points to your account. However, the code given to you for points redeemed DO NOT expire and can be located on your account if you click on the brown button with the white OWL. Scroll to the bottom and there you will see your codes for your redeemed points.